Human Jukebox (11th Anniversary Edition)

Human Jukebox (11th Anniversary Edition)

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In honor of the 11th anniversary of the release of Human Jukebox, Kevin O’Reilly has reissued the CD! It has been meticulously remixed and remastered. Fellow musician Naythen Wilson had this to say upon hearing the CD: 

“LISTEN UP! I just had the opportunity to hear the soon to be released album by my old bandmate Kevin O'Reilly . It is called "Human Jukebox" and will be available for purchase in April. It is vibrant, eclectic, bizarre, and (expletive) incredible. Kevin's approach to the bass guitar is like no other bass player I have known. This album zooms between vibes of King Crimson, Kraftwerk, Parliament Funkadelic, Zappa, and contains grooves that leave you intoxicated with interest. THANK YOU TO KEVIN for having me take a listen. Go to, and check out this guy. A TRUE ORIGINAL, and BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY his music!”

Released in 2008, Human Jukebox features full band songs with friends Larry Averill and Seth Warner, a collaboration with Mike Prescott, and solo songs using drum machines and layers upon layers of bass guitar. The album cover is designed by Melissa Prescott. O’Reilly describes the album as a “Progressive rock funk fest.”

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