Positive Snark CD Coming Soon

The final mixes of my CD are done, and the artwork of the CD will soon be finished. I am excited to bring these songs to you. 

I started this CD after the election of 2016. Dismayed by what I saw in the news both locally and nationally, I decided it was time to lend my voice in support of others who were being targeted by Republicans and the 'Alt-Right'. As some new songs started to take shape, I took a look at other songs I had that fit the narrative of what I was going for. Unfortunately, I found a number of songs that were mean-spirited, snarky, and just not funny. I had changed my viewpoint considerably since those days, so I decided to rewrite those songs. Don't Call Me White (Call me Euro-American) was a whiny white privilege song, now it's Call Me Euro-American and supportive of diversity. Dive Bomber was a sleazy rock song full of incredibly unsubtle sexual innuendo, now it's a song defending science. Other songs like Colorblind and The Laws of Propaganda still resonate 25 years later.

I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I have enjoyed crafting and recording them. Look for live dates soon. The band I have assembled is top notch and I am looking forward to some energetic live shows.


Kevin O'ReillyComment