Positive snark

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Positive Snark (2018)

 A collection of songs and stories about our society, social justice, and the reaction to the election. Kevin compiled songs from his 30 years of songwriting that he felt matched his social justice views. Looking back at his songs from many years ago and finding that some of them were outdated and offensive, he rewrote them.  Don’t Call Me White (Call Me Euro-American) moves from a white privileged, whiny point of view to become  Call Me Euro-American and focused against men in power. Dive Bomber makes the radical change from typical rock sleaze to defending science. Some songs, like The Laws of Propaganda, or Colorblind, still resonate twenty-five years later.  New songs, like Kids Today, Respect (MUSS), and Old Man in the Bubble reflect on the current times. The CD combines absurdist humor, scathing sarcasm, and keen observations about society to create a thoughtful, diverse set of energetic songs, much like the culture Kevin would like to see.

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